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TYPE : Gin
LOCATION : Quebec, Canada
ALCOHOL : 40% alc./vol.

Dress with an attractive copper hue brought by the post-distillation maceration of cranberries. Distinguished nose, slightly peppery. Floral and sweet attack gradually revealing a fruity aftertaste. The sweetness is there.



TYPE : Whiskey
LOCATION : Pays de Galles, Royaume Uni
ALCOHOL : 46% alc./vol.

The majority of the distillation of Penderyn Whiskey is done in ex-Jack Daniel and Evan Williams bourbon casks, and finished in rare Madeira barrels to impart a unique flavor and distinctiveness to Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whiskey. A number of other woods, such as sherry casks, are also used for maturation, to provide a specialty variety of “limited edition” whiskeys that come out from time to time. Penderyn whiskey is the only single malt produced in Wales. This was the first whiskey to be made at this location in a century when sales began in 2004. This single malt is unfiltered, aged in bourbon barrels and matured in barrels that have contained Madeira.


TYPE : Macabeo
LOCATION : Québec, Canada
ALCOHOL : 31% alc./vol.

This digestif with notes of coffee, cocoa, mint and orange. This type of ” Italian amari digestivi ” contains dune pepper and is the first Quebec amaro. Amari digestivi is a mixture of plants that promotes digestion



TYPE : Dry Gin
LOCATION : Colombie-Britannique, Canada
ALCOHOL : 42,5% alc./vol.

Gin Empress 1908, named after the famous hotel in Victoria, BC, is made from a non-GMO corn spirit with eight organic herbs added. It owes its dark dress to the clitoria flower of Maryland entering its composition. This aromatic London Dry Gin with a bluish hue promises to make a superb cocktail.


TYPE : Vodka
LOCATION : Québec, Canada
ALCOHOL : 40% alc./vol.

This blend presents a beautiful dark color, intense with purplish reflections. The powerful nose offers aromas of black fruits and spices. When stirred, hints of violet appear. A harmonious wine that offers a beautiful tannic structure and a perfect alchemy between fruit and woody aromas of vanilla.


TYPE : Rhum Noir Épicé
LOCATION : Québec, Canada
ALCOHOL : 47,1% alc./vol.

Proudly made in Quebec with spices from the Chic-Chocs region, Chic Choc noir rum is both sweet and spicy. Black with copper highlights, its bouquet reveals nuances of caramel and presents a supple attack with a long, warm and spicy finish. To taste all the flavors of Chic Choc noir rum, serve it over ice, with an orange zest or in a cocktail.


TYPE : Cognac
LOCATION : Poitou-Charentes, France
ALCOHOL : 40% alc./vol.

Cooked figs, marmalade, nougat, and peppery baking spices are all woven together in the sweet yet complex palate. Very deep and sweet, but with a tang of pepper, the Landy VSOP is ideal to sip on its own.


TYPE : Wisky
LOCATION : Québec, Canada
ALCOHOL : 42% alc./vol.

From their distant native Hungary, the Sivo family already produced high-quality artisanal eaux-de-vie which have earned them great local fame. Today settled in Montérégie, the family distils the essence of single malt made from local barley. Aged in two types of oak barrels, this whiskey reveals herbal and floral notes as well as subtle woody accents.