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1 1/2 onces for half of sirup bottle,

top with sparkling Montellier



M. COCKTAIL MIX : Love Tonic or Ginger Sirup

WEB SITE : https://distilleriewabasso.com/

Flagship of our distillery, Wabasso gin is made from regional botanicals that are reminiscent of the flavours of berries picked at the edge of fields. To further enhance the flavour of our gin, we only use Radnor spring water in our production. Distilled in small batches in Trois-Rivières, Wabasso gin is an authentic 100% artisanal gin. To be enjoyed straight or in a cocktail, the fragrant and intense aromas of wintergreen and red clover dominate in the mouth. Made with spices and herbs of the Quebec terroir, which create an harmonious balance with the heat of the alcohol.



TASTE TAG : Citrus

M. COCKTAIL MIX : Love Tonic

WEB SITE : http://www.seventhheavengin.com/

Using a lukewarm steam process, we extract and preserve all the delicate essential oils of seven of the most sought-after botanicals in the world. The vegetable oils are then gently infused into the base alcohol to provide fresh flavours with each sip. A very complex aromatic gin with notes of exotic citrus (forbidden fruit), nordic juniper and Labrador tea is obtained. To these three main flavours are added four other botanicals from all over the world: iris root, apricot kernel, coriander seed and elder flower. Despite a 43% alcohol content, Seventh Heaven is very mellow.



TASTE TAG : Fruity

M. COCKTAIL MIX : Ginger Sirup

WEB SITE : https://stadacone.com/



TASTE TAG : Floral

M. COCKTAIL MIX : Love Tonic or Grapefruit Sirup

WEB SITE : https://www.empressgin.com/ 

Gin Empress 1908, named after the famous hotel in Victoria, BC, is made from a non-GMO corn spirit with eight organic herbs added. It owes its dark dress to the clitoria flower of Maryland entering its composition. This aromatic London Dry Gin with a bluish hue promises to make a superb cocktail.


TASTE TAG : Woody / Smoky

M.COCKTAIL MIX : Ginger Sirup or Quebec Tonic

WEB SITE : https://keplergin.com/accueil/



TASTE TAG : Juniper

M. COCKTAIL MIX : Love Tonic

WEB SITE : http://1769distillery.com/content/?id=97&locale=fr

There’s a renaissance of microdistillers currently in Quebec, an artform practiced by 1769 distillery with Madison Park gin. Handcrafted from premium ingredients according to a classic recipe, juniper holds center stage, along with a hint of orange blossom and nine botanicals that lend it a clean and smooth finish. Complex, rich and aromatic, it’s the perfect spirit for a gin and tonic or a martini.



TASTE TAG : Forest / Plant Boreal

M. COCKTAIL MIX : Quebec Tonic or Ginger Sirup

WEB SITE : https://www.distilleriedufjord.com/

At kilometer 12 of Chemin des Monts-Valin flows a natural spring water of incredible purity. It’s in the heart of this wilderness that the flora reveals all its richness. Inspired by nature and distilled in small batches at Distillerie du Fjord, gin km12 will make you experience an authentic boreal forest experience. Straight, on ice or in a Gin Tonic, our gin will stand out with the liveliness and freshness of its spicy aromas, fir sprout fragrances and subtle floral notes.



TASTE TAG : Herbal / Vegetal

M. COCKTAIL MIX : Grapefruit Sirup

WEB SITE : https://www.bluepearldistillery.com/jardinverde-gin

This gourmet gin is distinguished by rate 30% alcohol by volume. From a distillation and maceration of several aromatics botanicals, Jardin Verde offers a sensory experience with notes of fresh cucumber and a touch of mint, basil and rosemary.

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