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The OG of Prairie Organic, the smooth finish of our organic vodka makes it a very versatile addition to your home bar cart or the perfect choice for the next round at your favorite spot. Expect notes of melon and pear on the nose with a creamy feel on the palette.

3- LOT NO 40

Gold-medal winning Lot No. 40 is one of the rare North American 100% rye whiskies. Produced by the Hiram Walker distillery in Windsor, Ontario, locally cultivated rye is distilled in the old-fashioned way – one batch at a time in a traditional copper pot still. Released in 2012, Lot No. 40 follows a recipe passed down seven generations that results in a pure expression of rye whisky. 


Hand-picked at the Reford Gardens, mountain pine (Pinus mugo) is featured in their cuisine. This unique ingredient, accompanied by pepper from the dunes and a selection of herbs, gives Gin Mugo a balance between resinous notes, slightly spicy aromas and remarkable freshness. 

WEB SITE: https://www.distilleriemitis.com/pages/nos-produits


Violette is a unique gin whose aromatic profile is marked by the use of various wild flowers. Its aromatic profile is exuberant and exotic, thanks to the addition of aromatics such as cardamom, bergamot, rosemary and grapefruit. 

6- KM12

Discovering the product is like taking a walk in the forest on a spring morning. Aromas of freshness take place in the mouth with subtle slightly woody and fruity notes.

The ingredients: Balsam fir bud, Dune pepper, Pine nard, Wild raspberry leaf and Balsam bayberry are hand-picked in the very environment of the distillery. To this tasty blend is added an organic juniper berry which gives km12 gin a beautiful complexity.


Seventh Heaven Canadian dry gin combines high-quality ingredients with the art of local distillation to create Canada’s first-ever flawless dry gin. The end product is an aromatic gin with exotic citrus notes that taste heavenly.


This Quebec gin, floral and modern, is carefully crafted in the purest London Dry Gin style. Overflowing with finesse and freshness. it offers a perfect balance of flavors with its subtle notes of juniper berries, cardamom, coriander and wild flowers, such as iris and lavender. Its 100% natural bluish color comes from the butterfly pea flower. Its name reflects the diversity of our people and the purity of our whitewater, as well as the natural and botanical treasure that is Mount Royal. BleuRoyal gin is colored like Quebec.

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