Saint-Sauveur (Lower Town) – friendly and authentic

45 minutes walk or 10-12 minutes by car

Le Pied Bleu $$ – $$$ 179, rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, 418- 914-3554

This very friendly Lyon stopper offers generous tasting menus that will please carnivores of this world with, among other things, their famous blood sausage and artisanal meats. Good-natured and fun atmosphere, pledge of a beautiful festive evening! Their second restaurant Le Renard et la Chouette, located a few steps away, is another excellent gourmet rendezvous. 

Open Thursday to Saturday evening, Friday to Sunday for brunch. (Pied Bleu). Renard et La Chouette is open from Thursday to Sunday evening.

Krakencru $$ 190, rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, 581-741-9099

Festive and fun, the Krakencru is a delight for gourmet late layers with its oysters served until closing. This mini restaurant, very popular with locals, has only one table and a long U-shaped bar where their endearing and jovial staff will recommend excellent cocktails and privately imported wines. On the menu: seafood on a slate.

Open from Thursday to Saturday evening. First come, first served

Battuto $$$ 527, boulevard Langelier, 418-614-4414

The reputation of this small Italian restaurant is well established with its chef-owner, Guillaume Saint-Pierre, winner of the Les Chefs! 2011. Simply extraordinary! It should be book months in advance to hope to get a table in this tiny place.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday.

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