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Benoit Genest Rouillier

Benoit Genest Rouillier is a painter who seeks, at every turn, balance in his work. He approaches his work like a choreography, like a martial art where the rhythms, repetitions and stresses can be compared to a musical score. Influenced by the abstract expressionists as well as representational painters, Genest Rouillier deploys, on the canvas, an energy and an intensity which touches the viewer because of the emotionally-charged content of the works in question. The artist seeks to express the chaotic element which dwells within himself, to give form and a meaning to it which is legible and capable of being understood and well-received by the general public. Each canvas presents itself therefore as a unique experience which confronts the viewer with their own inner world.


Crédit photo: Roger Côté

All works of the artist

  • Bonbon

  • Fourmi bleue

  • Joyau

  • La vedette

  • Le fier

  • Miracle

  • Miss Confiture

  • Ours molaire

  • Parade du crocodile

  • Repos des couleurs

  • Sac de couchage

  • Vitesse 3

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