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Pour votre prochain voyage à Québec, l’Hôtel 71 s’avère un établissement de choix. Situé en plein cœur de la ville de Québec, ville du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, l’Hôtel 71 est à quelques minutes de marche des principaux attraits de la région.


The man on the lamb - 24 juillet 2019

« Flash forward 30-something years later and I find myself road-tripping across North America, partner in tow, with the Quebec City exit sign looming large in my windshield. I’m here to visit my friend Pamela, who runs Urban Guide Quebec, and to explore Quebec City in a collaboration with Hotel 71. »

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Oenophiles Rejoice! Quebec City’s Hotel 71 has a Wine Vending Machine

DQMPR Blog - 26 mars 2019

«Oenophiles don’t have to go to wine country, though. These hotels offer amenities and exclusive experiences for wine lovers. From a 17th-century wine cellar to personalized wine classes in Portugal, these hotels offer the ultimate wine-centric vacations.»

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11 Hotels Where You Can Take a Wine Vacation

Travel+Leisure - 25 mars 2019

«Sometimes you need to shake it up and try something new on vacation. For wine lovers, however, vineyards hold a strong allure, and it can be hard to pass up an opportunity to have a winery within driving distance.»

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A Boutique Beauty In A World Heritage City - Hotel 71 In Québec City

Cruise and Travel Lifestyle - 5 mars 2019

«MARVELLOUSLY LOCATED on rue Saint-Pierre in the heart of historic Québec City’s lower, old town, the Hotel 71 – also known as the Soixante & Onze – is utterly charming and ideally situated across from the cruise port. The hotel is actually two side-by-side hotel buildings with…»

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