Best Boutique Hotels in Quebec City

Le 16 janvier 2015

Hotels can make or break a vacation. Stay in a room even more comfortable than your own, in a hotel where employees know your preferences and learn to anticipate your needs, and you may never want to return home. Boutique hotels excel at providing such personalized service, often because of their smaller size and more intimate settings. Quebec City’s compact city center and historic buildings are perfect for hosting smaller hotels, and the city is indeed home to many outstanding boutique accommodations. The following hotels spare no effort to make you feel welcome: super comfy beds, in-room espresso machines, designer furniture, and top-quality breakfasts are the norm, and some rooms even offer exclusive touches such as private terraces and fireplaces. With all this comfort, you may not even want to go out, but if you do venture out, you will be steps away from the city’s best attractions, restaurants, and sights. So go ahead and indulge: your accommodation could become the best part of your trip.

This modern hotel welcomes a slightly younger clientele who come for its sleek décor, central location in the Old Port, and outstanding concierge service. The hotel is located in a former bank head office: some rooms still show the former vault doors which, combined with high ceilings, hardwood floors, and open-plan bathrooms, create a sophisticated look that is sure to please urbanites.

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