Quebec City is where you need to be for spring break

Le 11 March 2018


Jody Robbins

Sauntering through Old Quebec is a rite of passage every Canadian should indulge in. Yet there’s more to Quebec City than visiting the Plains of Abraham and stepping back in time at Place-Royale.

Before the ice thaws, you’ll want to check out these invigorating options in and around Quebec City. 
Sled, slide and spa
Tobogganing is taken to a whole new level at Le Massif, a ski resort in Charlevoix, that’s but an hour’s drive from Quebec City. A 7.5 km sledding track winds its way 800 m down the mountain. It takes 90 thrilling minutes to barrel down the slope reaching speeds up to 50 km/hr. Guides teach you how to control your speed and make the turns, but once you get going, you’ll likely be addicted to the rush. If Jean Chrétien can manage this on his 80th birthday, likely you can too!

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