François Bertrand, Textile - Sculptor

Word of the management:

We are proud to partner with François Bertrand and to exhibit his works for the great pleasure of our clients and passersby.
François Bertrand has a unique artistic approach. He diverts recycled and recovered objects and materials for the creation of his timeless works of art, leading to reflection that goes beyond appearances. His garments, made from fabrics produced by him, are a praise to beauty and have a very deep symbolic significance. We wish him and this for a long time, to keep his inspiration.
Susan Wilkinson
General Manager

He creates fabrics with various small collected metals. To master the material, François Bertrand  has to fold it, twist it, cut it, saw it and drill it. Assembled one by one, sewn and embroidered with threads of brass or iron, each piece of metal is used in a new prospective and gets transformed into an adored object, a dress by which is however delicate. An invisible heroine whispers straight from the garment, appropriates it and lends it her forms.

TEA TIME, 2011  
Spoons, iron & brass threads and brass marbles
Photo : Roger Côté

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